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Womens Sensual Massage Leicestershire Surrounding Areas – Home & Hotel Visits

Welcome to Tingle Touch. Womens Sensual Massage Leicestershire. Having relocated from my previous premises in Stafford (which then offered both in and out call services), I have now expanded my sensual mobile naturist massage services to cover most of the East and West Midlands. But as a result I currently only offer mobile services (I come to you). It is difficult being in two places at once!. But joking aside…. my clients enjoy the reduced stress of me visiting them and that works for me.

Sensual Massage Leicestershire

I am a Christopher, a Caucasian early 40’s toned 6ft male, very liberated, open minded and unopinionated. Professional, caring and sensual at all times. I have been told I am very attentive. This makes me even more passionate towards your needs and requirements. I am always happy to hear constructive feedback as well as positive feedback. Let’s face it, we are all different. You may have a ticklish or sensitive area where someone else may not. During the consent form process (prior to each massage session), you are free to tailor your treatment to suit YOU. Not me but YOU! You are paramount in this situation. Your pleasure and relaxation is the most important thing to me and should be for you too. This is YOUR release time.

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The best Womens Sensual Massage Leicestershire. Experience with you in mind!

The majority of my clients in Staffordshire preferred my home visit treatment. This makes perfect sense. As the last thing I want is to offer a sensual relaxing massage service. Then wake you up and send you off all sleepy and tingly, into the bright outdoors or cold evening air! The comfort of your own hotel room or home makes the ideal surroundings for your sensual massage. You are then free to jump into your own bath, shower or bed without having to wake yourself ready for a drive home. This undoes all of the fun and relaxation that you will have experienced….right?

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Tips for the best Sensual Massage

It is recommended to prepare a room in your house (or an area in your hotel room) This will set the calm and relaxing ambience before I arrive.

Some tips below to consider before I arrive (these will all be covered before your treatment so do NOT worry)

Ensure the room is nice and warm (warmer than usual as I cannot massage you using oils fully clothed. We do not want you to be cold during your sensual treatment).

Towels are provided unless you prefer your own, so please consider getting a few ready for your modesty, if required.

I also bring organic natural carrier oils with me but again, I am happy to use any favourite oils that you may have and prefer me to use.

I will need space for my portable massage couch so please bear this in mind. Massages on beds are not as comfortable as you may think. Your body will sink into the mattress under the pressure of my hands during the treatment. Every movement from yourself and I will end up with a bouncy ride! Funny but not ideal.

Calm and relaxing music always help with the ambience and I provide this upon each visit. Again if you have preferred sounds or music you wish to have on in the background, that is perfectly fine.

Closing the curtains or blinds is also recommended. (although some clients are happy to leave them open for some natural light). This along with some low level lighting all adds to the relaxing ambience to enhance your experience with me during your session.

Sensual Massage Leicestershire

Womens Sensual Massage Leicestershire FAQs

Womens Sensual Massage Leicestershire

I used to visit you at your Stafford premises, where can I get a sensual massage?

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