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Naturist Full Body Massage Leicester – Outcall Visits Start At Just £60!

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Benefits of Sensual Full Body Oil Massage

The health benefits of a sensual intimate massage include a deep sense of relaxation and well being. An Endorphin rush which is a very powerful natural stress relieving chemical release. The love hormone also known as Oxytocin is also released within the body during erotic and sensual touch. Oxytocin is a known natural pain reliever.

Relieve stress and improve blood flow throughout your body and let the tension slowly leave your mind and body. When women are aroused, the body increases in Estrogen levels. This can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

Yes, the big “”O” is like a mini workout. Helping to keep heart disease at bay and of course helping you feel human again! Please note that the Sensual Vanilla Massage Treatment does not include vulva area stimulation by me. For those who are new or nervous, Sensual Vanilla is a great relaxing option! The Sensual Spicy erotic massage offers this as an option. Tailor your massage to suit your personal preferences. No pressure, just pleasure.

Full Body Massage Leicester


2 Types of Sensual Massage Available

Sensual Vanilla – Ladies Sensual Massage

The Vanilla treatment is a semi sensual massage treatment, using a combination of natural carrier oils, gentle taps, strokes and rubs, along with some random objects used to tickle and heighten your senses during your session with me. (some call it a Swedish style sensual naturist massage). Draped or undraped, the decision is yours. I am not easily offended and certainly under no circumstances will you be pressured at any time. Wear as little or as much as you like (towels will always be close by), shorts or underwear etc are fine, but please understand I cannot offer a relaxing Swedish massage experience if fully clothed.

During a Sensual Vanilla Massage there is the option of buttock and breast massage should you wish to experience such sensations. Respect and professionalism is carried out at all times.


Sensual Spicy – Ladies Sensual Massage

The Sensual Spicy massage is for more liberated clients seeking the next level of anticipation and fulfilment during their sessions with me. Your specific needs, requirements and even fantasies can be discussed once you have contacted me.

The Sensual Spicy massage treatment option is an upgrade to the Sensual Vanilla massage, (ie the basic foundations are the same, then leading to the additional intimate personalisation options that you have requested which come later on in the treatment session).

Breast and Buttocks are stimulated and massaged during the Sensual Spicy massage. Anticipation levels are increased somewhat, additional teasing and stimulation is available upon request. My aim is to relieve any built up tensions you may be storing up. You can also request me to concentrate on areas of your choice and preference. Consent forms will reflect any requests made.


Full Body Massage Leicester

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Your Consent

Tingle Touch Sensual Womens Massage Leicester – No treatment is carried out without you, the client, signing a consent form and ticking your “requirements and boundaries” boxes. This is where I tailor each of the massage options to further suit your needs, urges and requirements. A consent form will be filled in and signed before each and every visit.

I am fully aware that some carrier massage oils can react with the skins natural balance. This will be discussed with you. I always bring along my own massage carrier oils (I tend not to add essential oils but can do upon request). Please feel free to provide your own preferred massage oil if you have a specific oil you wish me to use.

A secure payment link will be sent to you to pay a small non refundable deposit of £30. This confirms your treatment. The remainder to be settled during my visit with you. Cash or Secure Card machine available for all treatments.

Please note that the times given above are ACTUAL massage treatments time, ie you will receive either 1 or 2 FULL hours of Tingle Touch pleasure. Consent forms, freshening up and payment time is outside of this time slot. Giving you the best value and pleasure for money. You can even set a stopwatch to ensure you get every last delightful minute of well deserved indulgence!

Feel Free To Chat About Your Nudist Massage Leicester Via The Contact Options Below

Please feel free to add me on WhatsApp to chat, but please understand that I cannot always answer a Video Chat on demand without prior arrangement. I get lots of missed video calls on WhatsApp or people assuming I am ‘fake’ because I did not answer an unexpected call when I am otherwise busy. Please respect that I encourage and am happy to video call new clients for visual verification before booking, but this needs to be at an agreed time convenient to all parties. I would never dream of calling you without warning whilst you are in the middle other commitments. Thank you.

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