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Thanks so much for your query, I will respond to all customer queries within a few hours. Please feel free to use the live chat option on the website. Unsolicited Spam and Marketing messages will be reported.
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Please feel free to add me on WhatsApp to chat. Please understand that I cannot always answer a Video Chat on demand without prior arrangement. I get lots of missed video calls on WhatsApp. Thus people assuming I am ‘fake’ because I did not answer an unexpected call when I am otherwise busy. Please respect that I encourage and am happy to video call new clients for visual verification before booking. But this needs to be at an agreed time convenient to all parties. I would never dream of calling you without warning whilst you are in the middle other commitments. Thank you.

Free Sensual Massage Leicestershire

I get a lot of queries asking if I do Massages For Women By Men. 4 hands massages are available if you have a partner who wishes to join in. (no extra charge). Although not easily shocked and very open minded, please remember I am straight. Massaging the female half of a couple with the assistance of their partner is welcome. This is becoming more and more popular to rekindle lost intimacy in relationships.

Free Sensual Massage Leicestershire

Please use the contact form above with your Sensual Massage query. Alternatively please click the relevant link below to get in touch with me.